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About us

KENTAUR – IMPEX is a trade company with 100% private property. 

The company is situated near Skopje Fair, in modern and newly built business facilities. 

One of the main activities of this company is import and sale of metal plates: plasticized, galvanized, hot rolled, cold rolled and aluminum sheet metal, panels and metal profiles. 

The production as an activity has a growing number of investments in new and modern machines. It includes production of profiled sheet metal plates, which are corrugated, shaped as a TILE or a TRAPEZIUM made of plasticized and galvanized sheet metal; ceiling profiles – HUNTER DOUGLAS; galvanized profiles and air conditioning staples. Production of vertical and horizontal semicircular rain gutters made of plasticized sheet metal, as well as the entire sheet metal haberdashery (trims, wind louvers, snow guards etc.). The production includes confection of the galvanized sheet metal upon the customer’s request. 

The service includes the making of metal constructions, roof installation made of sheet metal shaped as trapezium or tile on houses, buildings and industrial facilities, and installation of roof and wall polyurethane panels. 

A custom warehouse works within this company with an area of 700m2. 

The things that make our company KENTAUR-IMPEX distinguish as a great leader in comparison with the other companies on Macedonian market are the wide palette of products, our own modern vehicle fleet for transportation of the goods, the advanced system for local customs, the fast installation and high quality performance on the site, the most professional technical staff and our goal always to be one step in front of our competition.

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